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About Paula


The world teams with natural wonders and beauty.  Bringing that magic into tangible art is my passion.  Capturing this world is the challenge that keeps me returning to my studio every day.  Whenever I strive to replicate the beauty of the original scene, it falls short.  However, when I apply my own creative voice of color, movement, contrast and creativity, it takes on a power and new life.

My work is colorful, with a whimsy and lightheartedness that allows those that see it to enjoy my travels and come with me on this colorful journey.  Know that magic happens when I paint, and it expresses my own voice.

I hope these pieces make you feel happy in the world.  May you see these places and times in a new light; that they make you a fellow Traveler.  Enjoy your memories in your personal pictures, or go on new adventures in the places I have visited.